Bite Me Hard Cider

  • Two Bottle Mix or Match Minimum for ALL Shipments Photo
    Two Bottle Mix or Match Minimum for ALL Shipments

    Bite Me is Black Mesa Winery’s artisanal sparkling hard cider made with only the finest local Northern New Mexican apples. We press the apples and create all of the hard ciders on site at the winery. We have four refreshing hard ciders for you to choose from:  Sweet, Dry, Raspberry and Capuline (chokecherry). Bite Me Raspberry and Bite Me Capuline are made with raspberry and chokecherry extracts from locally farmed fruit. Give 'em a taste!

    Choose any combination of Black Mesa Wine and/or Bite Me Hard Cider for your shipments.

    We only ship bottles in 2, 4, 6 and 12 bottle increments.
    Any other bottle combination will result in an increased shipping charge.
    Please call Tina at 505-852-2820, Ext 102 for info about shipping and rates.



  • Bite Me Cider: Sweet 750 ml Photo
    Bite Me Cider: Sweet 750 ml
    Our sweeter hard apple cider pairs well with apple pie a la mode, gingerbread cookies and flan with cinnamon sauce. Our cider is made from New Mexico apples. We never use concentrate, just the juice from apples harvested locally and pressed here at the winery. *2018 New Mexico State Fair Wine Competition Silver Award Winner